Ad Rates

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We will design your ad, if needed

We charge $40 per hour to design your ad. After that, however, it is yours to use in other publications. At your request, we will also "pick up" an ad you have running in other publications. No problem. It's a thing publishers do.

Rate Policies

Ads are subject to acceptance by the publisher. Since we are already in layout mode, cancellations are not possible after our published closing dates. No cash rebates are issued.


Once it is accepted, we assume your ad will run until you tell us otherwise unless we have a stated number of insertions specified. We will not bother you with paperwork and contracts. We do not take advantage of our advertisers, and we are treated fairly by them. We operate in an informal atmosphere with simple handshake agreements. We are known as a "kinder, gentler, publisher." Try us.

Display Ad Rates

Magazine Ad Rates all ads are in full color
a 5% discount is applied for our 6x rate.

  • Full Page - $1898 (3x) or $1803 (6x)
  • Back Cover - $2268 (3x) or $2155 (6x)
  • Inside Front Cover - $2062 (3x) or $1959 (6x)
  • Inside Back Cover - $2062 (3x) or $1959 (6x)
  • Page 2 - $2034 (3x) or $1932 (6x)
  • Page 4 - $1975 (3x) or $1876 (6x)
  • 1/2 page island - $1671 (3x) or $1587 (6x)
  • 1/2 page - $1522 (3x) or $1445 (6x)
  • 1/3 pager - $1045 (3x) or $993 (6x)
  • 1/4 page - $800 (3x) or $760 (6x)
  • 1/6 page - $537 (3x) or $510 (6x)
  • 1/8 page- $472 (3x) or $448 (6x)

Magazine Ad Rate Discounts:

  • Prepay - 10%
  • Electronic Ad File - 5%

Classified Ad Rates

$50 per in - color
A column inch is 1.625 inches wide by 1 inch tall. Ads can be purchased in half-inch increments up to 3 inches.